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My Family
Here we have the two grandchildren in Australia. The one in Edmonton. My two daughters who are also mothers of the grandchildren, and my wife holding the youngest grandchild. I filled the remaining space with a pic of a pastel I did of the view from our house.

A brief biography

I was born in Sussex, England in 1933, and after a highschool education, about equivalent to grade 12 here, I trained as a bricklayer/stonemason, a trade I followed for 50 years.

In 1968 my wife Pauline, and I with our eldest daughter Helen, then 2 yrs old, moved to Canada and in 1970 to Whitehorse, Yukon. By then our youngest, Sarah, was with us and both of these great kids were brought up here and benefitted from the Yukon fresh air and freedom.

In 2002, with the kids moved away, we moved to the slightly warmer climate of Vernon, BC., where we are enjoying a, hopefully, very long retirement. The scenery is different but just as alluring as that in the Yukon, and the climate is far more conducive to a good golf season. Doesn't help my game any but for sure it's more fun.

My painting career only began about 15 years ago but has given me tremendous joy. So far I have only tried oils & pastels but intend to move on to other media. I think acrylics will be the next trial.

If you are thinking that painting is all of my life I assure you this is not so. In the summer you are much more likely to find me on a golf course than facing an easel, and when the weather is unfit for hitting the little white ball chatting on Wetcanvas fills in a lot of hours.

Please feel free to email me and comment on my site.

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